Friday, 10 August 2012


Heres a few shots, hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I'm going away soon and so buzzed right now. Neeed. To. Pack.

Also an extra good luck to people getting their results this week, I know I need it! (otherwise my holiday will be spent being shamed by my family - cant wait).



Friday, 3 August 2012

chill ax

Very much worth a look

Check out some fiiine new gems

Beanie Hat in Bottle Green with Embroidered Patch

Shade london, based in "East London and their clothing is relaxed and wearable their aesthetic is a blend of 90s urban street style and sportswear".


What I'm doing if my phone ever cracks

Image 1 of Adidas Originals T-Shirt
Image 1 of Adidas Originals T-Shirt Stripe
Image 1 of Adidas Originals Down Coat