Monday, 17 December 2012

Playing around with Paint, Paper and Portfolio work

So today's post is just a quick update to my project work. I am happy to say that it is coming along nicely and I have developed a lot throughout the process. I have experimented with different styles and methods of detailed textile work and want to further build my understanding of the industry - degree level!!!!! My UCAS was sent off recently and have got a response already, which I am thrilled about. I hope that in the interview I will learn from others but will be able to educate them also with my own personal style and individuality. Wish me luck!!!

So I  basically wanted to experiment with a load of different patterns and had this book lying around so thought - why not. For those of you who are interested in this, it is very simple!
Take a large clump of pages and curve them round (different sizes each time) and paper clip them together, leaving some rough bits of paper out for a full effect. Eventually the whole book will curve round to make a circular shape. All I did next was splat a load of white paint on and printed it onto some brown rough textured paper. 

Some other exciting news I attended an amazing 50th birthday party on Saturday night. This woman and her family are extremely talented and excel in music - so it was very fitting for this party to be partly a concert, where numerous people performed ranging from her children to professional musicians playing incredible music! Along with the programme, the decorations were amazing! It was held in a Church which gave the musicians great acoustics but the decorations made the large and tall ceilings very cosy and intimate. Here are some photos:

мама испекла торт : Медовик
Mum baked a traditional Russian cake called Medovik for the occasion

Russian themed decorations


Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Alexander Wang

Hi all, 
I came across Alexander Wang's Resort 2013 Women's Ready-to-Wear Collection which I admire. I think the garments are simple yet elegant and subtly accentuate the body at the same time. The colour palette has also been kept not too vigorous or bright, which I again find aesthetically pleasing. Here are some photos, let me know what you think! 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Getting the chills

Seasons Greetings, it has been about a week or so and I want to share some updates with you. My project is coming along swiftly, but along with that I am almost ready to send off my UCAS. I am very excited to see the outcome! 

So December is filled with some sort of atmosphere like no other which I personally love, and it keeps me extremely busy. Last Saturday I performed at Newbold college's annual Christmas Concert and the turnout was amazing, big shout out to my friend Peter M-S for using his precious time to organise everything. I performed a song called 'Jesus what a wonderful child' the John Legend rendition. A video will be up soon!

So I was doing a bit of online window shopping to try and get a few ideas for Christmas presents and I came across a few garments such as thick knitwear and blouses flourished with different coloured and warm patterns to really keep you warm during this period. Here are a few examples. 

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If you want to go for something more simple without all these patterns I would suggest looking at Zara or MANGO. I have been especially observant of how unique and simple their garments are and how they consist of very good quality materials. 

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More to come soon, have a great week!
Karina Xo


Monday, 26 November 2012

The question is, Wyboston Lakes?

Hi everyone hope you are ready for December??
I certainly am! Excited for the things to come. 

So I just came back from a Teens Advisory Weekend where we went to talk and fellowship about new and upcoming events that we will help bring together to be an amazing 2013! 
I had so much fun that I am getting hotel withdrawal symptoms! Oh yes, we went to an amazing hotel in Bedford, 5*! It's all good and well until you realise how much a 5* feeds you, the one thing I am happy about is getting back to my normal portions. 
But overall it was an inspiring weekend filled with amazing people, and we're all growing to make the Teens advisory the best it's ever been. 

Last week I further carried on and made progress in my sewing skills. Here is an example of one of my garments I made:

Have a great week, and more updates on my project will be coming!

Karina Xo

Monday, 19 November 2012

Busy busy bee NOVEMBER!


So this month has been the busiest yet. So many exciting things happening which I want to share with you. 
So firstly I had the conference at the beginning of the month and since then so many different opportunities have been coming up!

Monday-Saturday was week of spiritual emphasis and Newbold church had the amazing Bobby Bovell speaking for the entire time, it was great. My participation consisted of singing with the praise team a range of different songs, and on Saturday some amazing singers came down from London to take part with us. During this week my good friend Uriel came and spoke to me with some exciting news about possibly working together to create some music pieces and record. As well as that, I am getting another chance to be a part of another conference in February! Plans are being made already, and that makes me again, very excited. 

But anyway, I wanted to show you some other things I have been up to lately. Last week I had such a urge to just go and create garments.  I took advantage of our textiles room and stayed for hours on end. I started off simple, but experimented with different patterns and materials. Here are some examples of pieces that I made and am now able to wear. Happy! 

My first piece, similar to a blazer I have made, with a collar


I then added another layer

Zip at the back

Floral - with ruffle

Tartan dress with collar

As well as this, I visited Westminster University early on in November. All I can say is.. I LOVE IT. The teachers, the teaching dynamic, the atmosphere, the facilities were just amazing!

Here are some other photos of my day out in London. 

Oxford St Christmas lights


Some amazing shoes in Urban Outfitters! In love. 


Beautiful and vivid House of Holland patterns

@ The Diner with my Brother :)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

PBC!!! Amazing experience

So this post isn't one filled with some sort of fashion insight, but actually am going to tell you about my half term. I had recently really gotten involved in teens ministry, through my church. I love going to events and being part of making it all happen. So this event was called Prayer & Bible Conference, and was Mon-Fri at Stanborough, a seventh-day Adventist boarding school. The fact that I got to meet so many new cool people and spend five days with them was amazing. 

My duties varied across different levels, from hospitality, making sure everyone was comfortable through to singing as part of the Praise & Worship team. That's another thing I wanted to mention, the power of good music. I don't just mean good as the average celebrity good, but really good good. I realised music is my method of really connecting with people, and with God. 

During our daily evening services, there was time for people to come and share their testimonies (their 'story'). This was another breakthrough of how I view the world around me. I often take my life for granted. There are some people who are really struggling with their problems, and sometimes we don't even realise, and that's a real shame.

Lastly, I have come out feeling like I want to continue helping more and more in the area of ministry work, it's great working in a team, and with so many amazing teens. 

Have a good week everyone!

Karina Xo

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I get excited way too easily. SHOES.

Just a quick post giving some exciting news! (well for me anyway)... 

In my previous post quite a while back, I showed you guys these shoes I was trying to find, and it is safe to say I have found them! Well, not the exact ones but now at least I know where to start.

I was having a look through ASOS marketplace and found some really interesting footwear, love the whole dynamic of this website! Take a look at what I found. 


Now the big decision is what colour! I am liking the bold teal, but the brown could go with more of my wardrobe. hmm decisions decisions...

Here are some other gems I found:

I am really interested at looking/purchasing bulky boots this winter, I feel the bulk compensates my tiny feet somehow! Hope everyone is having a good week.

Karina Xo