Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Varcas and Vogue

Listen to these treacle's: such chill tunes. 

Check these shots out by Jem Mitchell for the September issue of Vogue Japan. Modeled by Kinga Rajzak and styled by Jamie surman. They did a great job. Very striking. What I love the best is the tones used for her make up, especially the different lip colours. 

109722 800w

109723 800w

109724 800w

109728 800w

109730 800w

109732 800w

So for the amount of years that I have been to Spain, I have always noticed and wanted a pair of Varcas. They are very practical and comfortable sandals which come in all different colours. When I will return once again to Spain in August, I am positive I will come back with a pair of these. Hmmmmn, but what colour... 

For people who want to order some online, I recently found a website in the UK that sells them.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Natives let loose

Image 3 of French Connection Envelope Snakeskin Clutch Bag
I love this. I wantttt.
From Asos.

Take a listen to this pearl -

Here are a few shots from the amazing collection 'castaway' by Elizabeth and Isabella that includes Native American inspired pieces. Enjoy. 

I've been looking through swimwear and what I'd love to purchase - here are a few ideas for the steaming 
hot summer (not so for England though... as expected....) 

Image 4 of River Island Tassle Front Low Cut SwimsuitImage 4 of ASOS Crochet Ruffle Plunge SwimsuitImage 3 of We Are Handsome The King Scoop Neck SuitImage 4 of We Are Handsome The King Scoop Neck Suit

I don't usually go for one piece swimsuits, however basing on what I have seen frequently in shops recently, they are not as bad as I used to think! Those were all from Asos. 

Those were some interesting pieces also, and they were from Topshop.

So? What else? I think one of the essentials this year that has become very popular, or very appealing, (especially to me) is what to cover yourself with, if you wish to. Here are a few examples, some from Topshop and others from Nastygal. (The kimono)

Kimono - Nasty gal