Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bodacious 80s.

A big congratulations to Frank Ocean, his new album, Channel Orange is officially a huge success. Much love. (speaking as if I know him personally, wow.)

One of my favourite's from Channel Orange. So chill.

I've literally just had the biggest urge for an 80's disco with the roller blades and all... But failing that, I thought I'd post a few 80's bits. The music is so siiiick. And the jackets.

My favourite song at the moment - seriously.


So funky.

This one just makes me laugh.

1982 Nike Original Canvas Runners UK6



So so so priceless.

I want one.



Pinch color-block felted wool-blend jacket


           Image 1 of Nike 1980 Roller Coaster T-Shirt

Image 1 of Susan Caplan Vintage Chanel '80s NecklaceImage 3 of Susan Caplan Vintage Chanel '80s Necklace
It's a stunning necklace isn't it! Well it's £995.00 

Image 1 of Susan Caplan Vintage Karl Lagerfeld 80s Necklace
This one on the other hand isn't too bad. Only £295.00.  

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