Sunday, 1 July 2012

Choice is what corrupts the soul!

Exams are forever over and done with. Well... not really. Just for this year. I can not express just how relieved I am. I do apologise for the disjointed posts. But now I am free from revision... But not from school.

I have just started my A2 course before we break up for the summer holidays and have already been assigned a new project in Textiles. I would be lying if I said I wasn't unbelievably psyched. I say this because we can choose anything. That's right... ANY-THING. We have the responsibility to decide our own project title and this thrills me to a very high extent. However, Choice is what corrupts the soul! But seriously, I literally have been running and researching like crazy for the perfect project theme.

Recently, I have been looking around for university courses. I have changed my mind probably a thousand times, but the one thing I always come back to is Fashion Buying. It's something I have always been interested in and it's one of the only things that really excites me when thinking of it. I had gone through  a stage where I really undoubtably wanted to purse English Literature. However, this would be defeating the point of doing what I am truly passionate about, there's no need to keep my hobby/talent in the dark. I know I would regret it had I not thought about Fashion buying.

So without further a-do; my idea was to take advantage of this project and the responsibility and use it as my portfolio. Therefore, I would include things such as:
  • Trends, and how they have changed over a short period of time. 
  • Why do you wear what you wear?
  • Fashion Psychology
  • Point out the trends or garments that I have noticed around a lot recently.
  • The process of buyers and how they influence what people wear today

These are just a few topics I will hope to cover. In this weeks upcoming blog it will be a more visual based blog, where I will explore the garments I have seen a lot recently, so keep anticipating! 

Over and out,
Karina Xo 

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