Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Print Print Printing


Hey all, just an update to the progress of my project.
Sorry for the erratic posts, I've had just too much to do!
 Last week I decided I was going to do some Lino/hand printing which was really enjoyable. But yes.. things got a bit messy. Here are a few pictures.

What do you notice about this design? Look closely.

 For this print design I was merely going to do random hand prints but then actually started to use my brain cells a bit and thought how could this possibly connect to my project. I thought that I would link it to the way in which experiences can be created through different sorts of people, and these experiences could be affectionate, passionate or loving ones. So... did you notice the love hearts the hand prints made? That's what I was trying to do!
High five anyone?

(Excuse the mess in the room)
So my printing got me to think about a response for the unique and flattering work Karl Lagerfeld has done for Chanel. I also started to think about the detail I should create for the neck part of my garment. I feel, personally, that I don't pay enough attention to this part of the body.
Chanel A/W 2010
Chanel S/S 2009

You know what, I should just quit school and stick with blogging! Who cares about exams anyway!?..... Is what I say disgustingly before I get back to my revision. Hope your May has been better than some!


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