Wednesday, 29 May 2013

It's been a while.

Hi everyone, I know, it's been so long since I last posted but will be doing it a lot more during the next couple of weeks. I hope everyone is looking forward to summer. 

Here are a few pieces I have rummaged around for, that I think I'll be obsessed with come summer. 

Juju Jellies

Now you can buy these in a number of places, Office, Bank, Asos, and Urban Outfitters. I have seen them everywhere and really think they will come back into fashion. What I mean by coming back into fashion is that they were last in fashion when I was about 3, and I'm sure I have a pair somewhere in the attic.

Other footwear that I know will definitely be in fashion are Varcas. I did a post about them last summer, when I got my beige leather ones, but I have also seen these everywhere and I know that there is a high demand on this particular piece. They are incredibly comfortable and you can purchase them in so many different colours and materials. 

Some other footwear I have seen recently are these Coltrane Cut out boots which look amazing, I cannot stress that enough. I really want some. I found these ones on

Anyway, I got this mirrorgram app and played about with it, here are a few shots. Wearing a Carhartt hat and a missguided midi dress.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Getting priorities straight

So it's time I reunite with you all. Busy can not even describe my life right now. However, I love the fact that I am kept busy, I have been really enjoying working with and meeting new people. One of the things I have been up to is that I attended the Prayer & Faith conference in Watford last week. It was a true blessing to use my musical talent, and together with other people to musically lead the conference. Here are some visuals for you!

I have also made great progress in my Textiles project. The majority of my work this half term has been based on experimenting with print, and manipulating fabric on mannequins. At first I had started off with playing around with pleats, but then went on to try smocking. Smocking can look very appealing when done right, and this is what I intended to do! Let me know. I am now also in the process of making my final design. I don't want to give anything away, but I will post pictures up as soon as it's finished. 

I have also just purchased one of these bad boys. Need it to keep track of my responsibilities and start prioritising! Have a great week. Karina Xo 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Patterns by Pilotto

For a while now Pilotto has intrigued me in a few ways, with it's interesting patterns ranging in different colours and shapes to fabrics carefully and delicately designed to aesthetically please the eye in the blink of an eye. I have furthermore seen these types of intricate patterns on other garments from other retailers which makes me think that it could possibly make an appearance in a lot of people's choices in clothing this year.  I know that I am waiting to grab my first Pilotto or Pilotto type garment very soon which I am excited about. I found some great pieces on so check it out! 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Mr. Selfridge


ITV's new hit show Mr Selfridge has wowed audiences ranging from different ages and professions not just those with fashion insight. This portrayal of the man who started the multi-million retail business is played by Mr Jeremy Piven also well known as Ari Gold on the show Entourage.Well to say the least I was very impressed. It kept me intrigued throughout the whole of the juicy one and a half hours. I am excited to see how the rest of the show unravels. I encourage you all to tune in!

What is so special about Selfridges is that is has a very well balanced selection of delicate and detailed garments suited for any body type or style. I went on the website and found a bunch of dresses that I adore, especially for summer. The range of patterned fabrics makes it appealing to the eye and interesting to look at. Here are some examples. 

Alexander McQueen Wool dress
Alexander McQueen Printed dress
Peter Pilotto printed silk blend dress
Preen Bondi oversized dress
House of Holland Stripe dress

Christopher Cane Pleated dress
And my favourite: The detail of the print is so exquisite, and lies so well on the body, all in all, a very well made garment.

Alexander McQueen Dragonfly silk dress

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Weirddough obsession

Seriously check those videos out, such musical talent. 

I bid 2012 a goodbye and welcome 2013 with a fresh mind. Sounds corny. But had to be said. I hope everyone's holidays were filled with everything amazing, family, food, laughter, happiness and joy, the list could go on. But nevertheless I hope each and every one of you will start 2013 with some ambition. Ambition is what leads to the path to actually getting somewhere. For me, my ambition or accomplishments I would like to achieve this year is to get into University, and start meeting incredible new people whilst exploring the inner most crevices of the city. So enough about this, I want to visually show you some photographs of my time during Christmas and New years. 

Cameo print

Cameo print wrapping paper

Cameo print

Now this accessory I got from an amazing online jewellers called a Swedish retailer which has a range of different accessories. Check it out!

Now I was doing my daily internet exploring to find myself on Nastygal (always seem to end up there). I found some incredible yet interesting footwear. Here are some examples. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Playing around with Paint, Paper and Portfolio work

So today's post is just a quick update to my project work. I am happy to say that it is coming along nicely and I have developed a lot throughout the process. I have experimented with different styles and methods of detailed textile work and want to further build my understanding of the industry - degree level!!!!! My UCAS was sent off recently and have got a response already, which I am thrilled about. I hope that in the interview I will learn from others but will be able to educate them also with my own personal style and individuality. Wish me luck!!!

So I  basically wanted to experiment with a load of different patterns and had this book lying around so thought - why not. For those of you who are interested in this, it is very simple!
Take a large clump of pages and curve them round (different sizes each time) and paper clip them together, leaving some rough bits of paper out for a full effect. Eventually the whole book will curve round to make a circular shape. All I did next was splat a load of white paint on and printed it onto some brown rough textured paper. 

Some other exciting news I attended an amazing 50th birthday party on Saturday night. This woman and her family are extremely talented and excel in music - so it was very fitting for this party to be partly a concert, where numerous people performed ranging from her children to professional musicians playing incredible music! Along with the programme, the decorations were amazing! It was held in a Church which gave the musicians great acoustics but the decorations made the large and tall ceilings very cosy and intimate. Here are some photos:

мама испекла торт : Медовик
Mum baked a traditional Russian cake called Medovik for the occasion

Russian themed decorations