Monday, 17 December 2012

Playing around with Paint, Paper and Portfolio work

So today's post is just a quick update to my project work. I am happy to say that it is coming along nicely and I have developed a lot throughout the process. I have experimented with different styles and methods of detailed textile work and want to further build my understanding of the industry - degree level!!!!! My UCAS was sent off recently and have got a response already, which I am thrilled about. I hope that in the interview I will learn from others but will be able to educate them also with my own personal style and individuality. Wish me luck!!!

So I  basically wanted to experiment with a load of different patterns and had this book lying around so thought - why not. For those of you who are interested in this, it is very simple!
Take a large clump of pages and curve them round (different sizes each time) and paper clip them together, leaving some rough bits of paper out for a full effect. Eventually the whole book will curve round to make a circular shape. All I did next was splat a load of white paint on and printed it onto some brown rough textured paper. 

Some other exciting news I attended an amazing 50th birthday party on Saturday night. This woman and her family are extremely talented and excel in music - so it was very fitting for this party to be partly a concert, where numerous people performed ranging from her children to professional musicians playing incredible music! Along with the programme, the decorations were amazing! It was held in a Church which gave the musicians great acoustics but the decorations made the large and tall ceilings very cosy and intimate. Here are some photos:

мама испекла торт : Медовик
Mum baked a traditional Russian cake called Medovik for the occasion

Russian themed decorations


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