Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Getting the chills

Seasons Greetings, it has been about a week or so and I want to share some updates with you. My project is coming along swiftly, but along with that I am almost ready to send off my UCAS. I am very excited to see the outcome! 

So December is filled with some sort of atmosphere like no other which I personally love, and it keeps me extremely busy. Last Saturday I performed at Newbold college's annual Christmas Concert and the turnout was amazing, big shout out to my friend Peter M-S for using his precious time to organise everything. I performed a song called 'Jesus what a wonderful child' the John Legend rendition. A video will be up soon!

So I was doing a bit of online window shopping to try and get a few ideas for Christmas presents and I came across a few garments such as thick knitwear and blouses flourished with different coloured and warm patterns to really keep you warm during this period. Here are a few examples. 

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If you want to go for something more simple without all these patterns I would suggest looking at Zara or MANGO. I have been especially observant of how unique and simple their garments are and how they consist of very good quality materials. 

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More to come soon, have a great week!
Karina Xo


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