Monday, 26 November 2012

The question is, Wyboston Lakes?

Hi everyone hope you are ready for December??
I certainly am! Excited for the things to come. 

So I just came back from a Teens Advisory Weekend where we went to talk and fellowship about new and upcoming events that we will help bring together to be an amazing 2013! 
I had so much fun that I am getting hotel withdrawal symptoms! Oh yes, we went to an amazing hotel in Bedford, 5*! It's all good and well until you realise how much a 5* feeds you, the one thing I am happy about is getting back to my normal portions. 
But overall it was an inspiring weekend filled with amazing people, and we're all growing to make the Teens advisory the best it's ever been. 

Last week I further carried on and made progress in my sewing skills. Here is an example of one of my garments I made:

Have a great week, and more updates on my project will be coming!

Karina Xo

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