Sunday, 4 November 2012

PBC!!! Amazing experience

So this post isn't one filled with some sort of fashion insight, but actually am going to tell you about my half term. I had recently really gotten involved in teens ministry, through my church. I love going to events and being part of making it all happen. So this event was called Prayer & Bible Conference, and was Mon-Fri at Stanborough, a seventh-day Adventist boarding school. The fact that I got to meet so many new cool people and spend five days with them was amazing. 

My duties varied across different levels, from hospitality, making sure everyone was comfortable through to singing as part of the Praise & Worship team. That's another thing I wanted to mention, the power of good music. I don't just mean good as the average celebrity good, but really good good. I realised music is my method of really connecting with people, and with God. 

During our daily evening services, there was time for people to come and share their testimonies (their 'story'). This was another breakthrough of how I view the world around me. I often take my life for granted. There are some people who are really struggling with their problems, and sometimes we don't even realise, and that's a real shame.

Lastly, I have come out feeling like I want to continue helping more and more in the area of ministry work, it's great working in a team, and with so many amazing teens. 

Have a good week everyone!

Karina Xo

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