Thursday, 3 January 2013

Weirddough obsession

Seriously check those videos out, such musical talent. 

I bid 2012 a goodbye and welcome 2013 with a fresh mind. Sounds corny. But had to be said. I hope everyone's holidays were filled with everything amazing, family, food, laughter, happiness and joy, the list could go on. But nevertheless I hope each and every one of you will start 2013 with some ambition. Ambition is what leads to the path to actually getting somewhere. For me, my ambition or accomplishments I would like to achieve this year is to get into University, and start meeting incredible new people whilst exploring the inner most crevices of the city. So enough about this, I want to visually show you some photographs of my time during Christmas and New years. 

Cameo print

Cameo print wrapping paper

Cameo print

Now this accessory I got from an amazing online jewellers called a Swedish retailer which has a range of different accessories. Check it out!

Now I was doing my daily internet exploring to find myself on Nastygal (always seem to end up there). I found some incredible yet interesting footwear. Here are some examples. 

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