Sunday, 8 July 2012

Eye popping garments

Hi all,
As promised this will be a very visual blog today. Enjoy.

This post derives from what I have seen a lot of recently, both on the high street, and outfits people have been wearing frequently. I took on to point out these new trends people have been creating.

The fact that so many companys have been selling similar garments shows they really took into consideration target audience as well as what consumers would be interested in. It's all about  business business business

Some of these items consist of a few pieces such as:

  • Collared shirts and dresses
  • dip - hem skirts and dresses
  • black and white stripes 
  • Spikes

Here are two outfits I have worn this weekend using collared shirts.
Urban Outfitters

I have noticed interesting open backs for blouses and tops. Here a few links:

Tresha Western Style ShirtJesin Long Sleeve Striped Blouse

Gwendolyn Striped Peplum Dress 

I have also seen a lot of maxi skirts using different materials and colours. This gives people variation to choose from. These next few examples are from nasty gal 

Spikes have slowly wheeled their way into retail. Especially on shoes. But on denim and leather it's very likely also.

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