Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Deployable Structures

Morning internet, this weeks interest is something that I am very familiar with. So, try keep up.

My interest in Deployable structures accumulated during one of my Textiles projects. I was researching on the internet one day, looking for something new and fresh that my teacher has not focused on in class. She always says "there will come a point where each and every one of you will become obsessed with something", and there came a time when Deployable structures was my own exploration, and that's what really defines people today; to not necessarily go by just the information your teachers give you, but to investigate and look into things that intrigue and are of interest to you. The fact that I took my own skills to think outside the box, I think I benefited from it as I gained confidence in finding new creations and ideas not known to some people, and therefore entice them with my particular 'obsession'.

One of the designers that I came across was Diana Eng, a simply beautiful fashion icon that uses Deployable structures in her designs, and they look incredible! I used her work to inspire me, and made me practice and explore with paper, to then paper and fabric. I tried to re create a part of her garment which is shown below. It is a combination of deployable structures mixed with nature, as you can see on the above it looks like a leaf.


This website below really gives you an idea of some of her work and how she can use paper and fabric to make such provocative, interesting garments, which I certainly would gain pleasure from working with.

This is my final piece which I put together in response to my project and my obsession. I used deployable structured ideas for the upper body, using musical scores (the paper) as I thought I don't focus on the neck much and this way it made the piece more aesthetically pleasing to the eye making it really pop. I also used Deployable structures for the skirt which in my opinion added character to the garment overall. 

Hope my researching has payed off! Let me know with a comment below what you think.
Karina Xo