Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dogs teeth?

So this weeks focus, wait for it... Is me making and finishing my velvet jacket. Last week I played around with pattern pieces and changed a few bits of material to make the jacket fit better, but today I started making it with the right fabric.  I am happy to say that it's nearly finished! My inspiration came from my responses I had done previously, with pleats. This time I chose to include box pleats to try and accentuate the waist, which leads back to the idea of Dior's "new look" jacket back in the 1900's. 

I will upload photos of the finished garment later this week.

so another interesting point, is I have noticed dogtooth/houndstooth patterns in high street and up market stores. Websites I would recommend would be missguided.co.uk asos.com and riverisland.com 

These lovely photos are taken from lookbook.nu and most of these garments were taken from their mum's wardrobes, so I want to encourage everyone to dig into their family members wardrobes, you never know what you will find! Reply and post if you have found anything SO wearable it's your new favourite piece. 

Another thing I have seen and have become truly in love with are sneakers, but not just any sneakers, New balance and Asics. Their collection and variety in colours and patterns appeal so much to me! Here  is my 'wish list'. 

Pictures taken from Hypebeast. 

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