Monday, 1 October 2012

Tart Tart Tartan

First off I want to show you some wicked jumpers I'm obsessed with. I found these on all I have to do is get one now! 

Me and Laura
One of the things that has consumed my time is my textiles project, it's coming along great, and have been doing a lot of responses and samples. Alongside my project, the process of university picking has begun, and it is such a hectic time. I have decided on a particular field I would love to be involved in. Fashion buying/promotion/marketing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

But back to my project, just to recap, it is based on the idea of what have been my inspirations and what I have seen a lot of recently, or garments I personally have in my wardrobe. So taking it from that approach, this project is very based on the buying side of the fashion industry and how I have noticed differences in different designers and high street brands. Here is a more visual idea of what I have been doing. 

Pleated jacket with a floral pattern


For those last two responses, I got inspiration from this blog, in fact.The name 'ivory locket' gave me and idea to look into lockets/cameos/brooches as they have always intrigued me. So basically, I used my face as a template and combined different fabrics together to create a materialised cameo! When I came to pinning it onto the mannequin to position and see how it looked aesthetically, I decided to include my background fabric,(to create a cape/jacket) which then lead onto me thinking about Vivienne Westwood's Tartan collection. 

The other responses came from the idea of what I enjoy having in my wardrobe mostly, for example, let's say I kind of have an 'obsession' with collars and jackets. With that, I want to further research how collars and jackets have evolved throughout time and what my future visions/predictions will be. 

Have a great week!

Karina Xo

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